Atarah Chai Care Kit (Restock)


Introducing the Atarah Chai Care Kit. This care kit includes everything you need to keep your suede-lined Khadasha bag clean and protected. Suitable for all colors. The AC Care Kit comes with a suede brush, a cleaner and conditioner, a sponge, and a protector. This package is ideal for your Khadasha bag that needs some TLC. With this kit, you will be able to enjoy your lovely purchase for an extended period of time. You can also use this kit to clean your other suede purses and shoes.


This package contains the following:


  • 100 ml cleaner & conditioner
  • 100 ml water repellent protector
  • 1 suede brush
  • 1 sponge


  Cleaner & Conditioner:

1.Shake well before using.

2.Spray suede cleaner on the dirt area.

3.Clean softly with suede brush.

4.Allow to dry completely.

Water Repellent Protector:
1.Shake bottle well.
2.Spray water Repellent protector to the whole of the area that is to be protected and has been cleaned.

3. Spread it evenly on the bag with the sponge and allow to dry completely.

For indepth instruction on how to clean the inside & outside of the bag visit our clean & care page.


EAN code: 08720299572300