God can we talk? Digital Bible Study Journal


Transform your faith journey with our digital Bible study journal. Reflect on scripture, track your growth, and connect with your faith daily through personalized journaling tools designed to deepen your understanding and commitment.


◽️ A fully hyperlinked digital journal complete with 46 hyperlinked pages and 8 hyperlinked tabs
◽️ Thoughtfully laid out design and templates that can be copied as many times as needed


◽️ Quiet Time Schedule
◽️ SOAP Bible Study
◽️ Characteristic Bible Study
◽️ Topical Bible Study
◽️ Microscopic Bible Study
◽️ Inductive Bible Study
◽️ Chapter Bible Study
◽️ Monthly Prayer Focus
◽️ Weekly Prayer Focus
◽️ Daily Prayer Focus
◽️ Sermon Notes
◽️ Church Events
◽️ Tithe Tracker
◽️ Scriptures By Category
◽️ Favorite Scriptures
◽️ Memory Verses
◽️ Daily Gratitude
◽️ Self-reflection Journal
◽️ Blessings Of The Week
◽️ Dreams & Visions Journal
◽️ Revelations Journal


◽️ For DIGITAL journal: In order to use the digital planner you will need a digital device (such as an iPad), a stylish (such as an Apple Pencil) and a note taking application (such as GoodNotes).
◽️ For PRINTABLE journal: You will need a way to print a PDF file.