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The digital travel planner is designed to make your trips more memorable and well-organized. An undated printable planner that will help you declutter your mind and travel with ease.


Never forget an item again with the packing list, plan your entire trip with the travel itinerary list, or write down useful sentences in the local vocabulary list to help you navigate in a foreign country. 


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The digital travel planner consists of 7 chapters:

  • Flight information: Keep all of your flight information in one place.
  • Travel itinerary: Make a list of your travel information, such as check-in/check-out times and hotel/ accommodation details.
  • Packing list: Use our pre-made packing list to help you gather all of the necessary items. 
  • Travel planner: Plan places to see, shop or eat at by using our weekly or daily travel planner lists.
  • Local vocabulary: To help you get around, make a list of useful phrases in the language of the country you're visiting.
  • Travel journal: Keep a journal of the experiences you had while traveling.
  • Travel contacts: Networking while traveling can lead to a lot of opportunities.Writing down the contact information will allow you to stay in touch.

BONUS: Travel tips


TIP: use ''books'' or download ''goodnotes'' to open up your pdf on your Ipad! 


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