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The travel planner is designed to make your trips more memorable and well-organized. An undated planner that will help you declutter your mind and travel with ease.


Never forget an item again with the pre-shopping list, plan your vacation outfits with the outfit planner (ideal for content creators!), or write down useful sentences in the local vocabulary list to help you navigate in a foreign country. 


The travel planner consists of 12 chapters:

  • Flight information: Keep all of your flight information in one place.
  • Vacation budgetting: Pre-budgetting will help you avoid going over budget.
  • Travel itinerary: Make a list of your travel information, such as check-in/check-out times and hotel/ accommodation details.
  • House sitter info: Is anyone looking after the kids/pets/plants? Write down the to-do list, emergency contacts and hand over a copy.
  • Pre-trip shopping list: Make a list of the things you still need to buy before your trip.
  • Packing list: Use our pre-made packing list to help you gather all of the necessary items. 
  • Outfit planner: Use the weekly outfit planner to plan your sets ahead of time (morning, afternoon & evening list available).
  • Travel planner: Plan places to see, shop or eat at by using our weekly or daily travel planner lists.
  • To do & to buy: Make a list of the items you have to buy on your trip so you won't forget. 
  • Local vocabulary: To help you get around, make a list of useful phrases in the language of the country you're visiting.
  • Travel journal: Keep a journal of the experiences you had while traveling.
  • Travel contacts: Networking while traveling can lead to a lot of opportunities.Writing down the contact information will allow you to stay in touch.
  • Size: 54x45x26 cm / 21,26x17,72x10,24 inch
  • Weight: 1 kg / 2.2 lbs 
  • Pocket in the back
  • Accessories: silver pen

BONUS: Travel tips